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Possible to Override G0/G1 error?

I (think I) understand what this error means but am not always successful at stopping it happening! In this case I am trying to Vcarve some text into the surface of a 33mm piece of oak and I keep getting this error message. I’m not cutting anywhere near the table so I can’t see why the machine would think it will cut itself. I’ve played with the z safe height and tried everything from 10mm to 1mm and always the error. Is there perhaps something wrong with the physical height of the router in the bracket or the bracket to the machine?

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Thanks @robertooznest

I get the error message both from starting just above the work zero and the machine home. Does that answer your question about co-ordinates?

As to the G-code, yes, thanks…where would you like me to send it? I don’t seem to be able to upload an attachment here.



Hi Dan,

If you can send it to us here that would be great:

Just before you start the job, send me a screenshot showing your Machine & Tool Coordinates.

From that I can work it out.



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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your message.

It is not possible to override it as the machine will definitely hit itself if you do.

Can you send me your G-Code file and the Machine & Tool Coordinates when you try to start the job? From that, I can work out what has been setup incorrectly.


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