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Duet web interface setup issues, integrity check.

Machine info:

WorkBee v2.2


Ethernet module

After connecting the Duet 2 via USB, and following the initial install guide carefully, I was able to get to the point of connecting to the web portal, upon which I was greeted with this:

Block Image

At first I was not concerned due to the notice in the steps, but as I continued it did not match what I was expecting from the guide:

Block Image

Can you spot it?

3. Connecting, Updating and Configuring Your WorkBee

I don’t have an upload button under general settings.

I attempted to use the file manager/system page listed on left to upload the firmware and it recognized the file as a firmware update, proceeding to load and reboot, but the interface did not change.

Further on, trying to enable my touch probe lead to related problems as the component to enable it does not exist on my interface. Even after uploading “DuetWifiServer.bin” as directed by @ryanlock on my comment on WorkBee Firmware Releases about the missing interface component and general lack of interface alterations required to match the hardware as sold did nothing to remedy the situation.

Does anyone have a known good image of the SD card for firmware version 1.0.7, duet 2 pcb revision 1.04c that I can flash my SD card with to resolve this issue?

Also, can someone please tell me why this text has gotten my posts deleted twice now?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hi Mateus,

Thanks for your answer and feedback. I have adjusted that step to make it clearer: 3. Connecting, Updating and Configuring Your WorkBee


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Thank you, hopefully no one else will be confused by this like I was. Though, you may want to update step 5 before it to account for the new file upload location.


@aquilux Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look


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After taking a break and re-inspecting the instructions, as well as rooting around in the SD card and update files I have discovered the issue I’m facing. Likely this is what @ryanlock was trying to say, but I was not able to understand it in his response.

This step explicitly states that the entire step should be skipped if you are not setting up the WiFi version of the controller board. Within this one step there are actually two separate actions, the fist of which should be skipped if you are not setting up the WiFi version of the board, the second being the part that I was missing due to being told to in the instructions. Either these two actions should be split into two steps like this step and the previous are, or all three actions should be part of the same step with the action for the WiFi setup being explicitly highlighted as the section to skip.

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