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  1. From the Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme-Kit packet, with a Precision-Shim in between, insert a 625-2RS-Bearing into either side of the Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme.
    • From the Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme-Kit packet, with a Precision-Shim in between, insert a 625-2RS-Bearing into either side of the Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme.

    • Repeat this for 30 Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme-Kits. 31 kits are provided, do not assemble the spare one, these can be used for parts if any of the other packets are missing anything.

    • There is one spare Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme-Kit, do not assemble this one.

    • There will be 30 x Precision-Shims left over from the Solid-V-Wheel-Xtreme-Kits, these can be added to the Precision-Shim packet in the ‘Brackets & Spacers’ box for use later.

    Check the bearings to makes sure they spin freely before inserting into the wheels. It was only when I started later construction did I find a wheel where the bearing was jammed. Only noticed when making adjustments with a C beam that there was too much friction. Lucky there is a spare wheel supplied, as I had to use that (can’t get the duff bearing out at the moment).

    Jonathan Pearce - Reply

    There are 62 bearings and 31 Solid V Wheel Xtreme in the Solid V Wheel Xtreem box. There are no Precision-Shims in the V Wheel Xtreme box. Only until you read to keep the extras in the Brackets & Spacers box did I go to look in that box for the Precision-Shims. Then I read that there should be 30 Precision-Shims left over and to put them in the Brackets & Spacers box. But there are 85 Precision-Shims in total in the Bracket & Spacers box so there will be more than 30 left over. I am confused which ones to know is true. If part numbers were on each bag to let us know which bag is the correct bag to use and let us know which box each part number is in it would clear things up a little better.

    Aaron McKelvey - Reply

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small comment: the “Precision-Shim“ you can find in the”hardware” box, not together with the wheels

David - Reply

Yes also the same with my kit. There is one big bag of precision shims in the “hardware box”

Lee Wright -

Not a great start. Shims in the Bracket and Spaces box. 85 of them going to use 30 giving 55 left over. The above mentions 30 left over so I assume there was 25 in the original bag. Worrying if the first part is wrong…

Andy - Reply

A few wouldn’t pop in 100%. Moeved the shims to the center and they then pushed in easily. 18 mins and my thumbs are sore

Andy - Reply

i found using the end of my stanley ph2 (the nylon part) to push the bearings in saves your thumbs

steve goossens - Reply

I found my precision spacers in the box labeled “brackets and spacers”.

Daniel Cox - Reply

These are (rightly) a hard press fit. I used a rubber mallet to (*lightly*) tap the bearings in fully place. - Reply

I had one bag of 85 Precision Shims in the Brackets & Spacers box not in the wheel box. I hope I have enough!!

Richard Moore - Reply

Hi Richard, that is the correct amount. Best Regards Ryan Lock

Ryan Lock -

easy way to do this part is to use a pistol grip clamp,pop the first bearing in a little way add the shim put the outher bearing in a little way put the assembly in the pistol grip jaw pump the pistol grip 2 or 3 times done takes about 20 mins no sore thumbs

wayne - Reply

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