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by Robert

  1. WorkBee Control has only been tested on Google Chrome
    • WorkBee Control has only been tested on Google Chrome

    • The Name of the machine.

    • Advanced Users: The machine name can be changed by adding the command M550 "Machine Name" to config-user-settings.g

    • Send Manual G-Code commands.

    • To upload and start a job.

    • Make sure the machine has been Homed and Work Zero set.

    • Triggers a software emergency stop.

    The link at the top 3. Connecting and Commissioning allows me to edit this page - Reply

    It allows me to also - one month later :)

    Artie - Reply


    It is a public site, therefore public editing is allowed. For this page, any edits have to be approved by admins.

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    Robert -

  2. Current position in Work Coordinates. The Work Coordinates displayed are determined by the Work Coordinate Selection dropdown.
    • Current position in Work Coordinates.

    • The Work Coordinates displayed are determined by the Work Coordinate Selection dropdown.

    • Advanced Users: To find out the machine positions of all Work Coordinates open File Management > System > config-override.g

    • Advanced Users: You can directly edit the machine positions of the Work Coordinates in config-override.g and save it.

    • Current position in Machine Coordinates

    • The machine ALWAYS moves within a Work Coordinate system. Machine coordinates are not a selectable coordinate system.

    • Advanced Users: To make absolute G-Code command movements in machine coordinates, G53 has to be explicitly stated at the beginning of each line.

  3. Used to home the machine. You need to home the machine when it is turned on.
    • Used to home the machine. You need to home the machine when it is turned on.

    • When homing an individual axis, it will always home the Z first to insure it is clear of any work piece.

    • Used to jog the machine around the work area. Right-click to modify distance.

    • The jogging feedrate can be modified under Settings > Machine Specific > 'Feedrate for move buttons (mm/min)'

    • Used to set the Work Zero position for the selected Work Coordinate System.

    • Move the machine to the Work Zero position of the currently selected Work Coordinate System.

    • The Compensation and Calibration buttons allows a probe to measure the overall work area flatness. Height maps are useful for milling PCB's. More information on using these buttons can be found here:

  4. When running a job, the progress of the job will be displayed here along with the percentage complete and estimated time remaining.
    • When running a job, the progress of the job will be displayed here along with the percentage complete and estimated time remaining.

    • When running a job, pause, resume, & cancel buttons will show here. When pausing a job it will save the current position and home the machine.

    • A controlled power off can also be performed in the middle of a job. This will pause, home and save the current job position, allowing it to be continued at a later time.

    • Use this button to resume a job after a controlled power off.

    • This button can also be used to resume a job after an unexpected power loss.

    • Advanced Users: 'Enable End G-Code' allows a set of pre-defined commands to be run after a job is completed.

    • These commands are defined under File Management > System > Sleep.g

  5. When running a job these buttons allow micro-adjustment of the Z-Axis
    • When running a job these buttons allow micro-adjustment of the Z-Axis

    • For example if the job is not cutting deep enough, these buttons can be used to shift the job downwards.

    • Be warned it will move the whole job downwards by same amount, including Z-Axis Safe Heights.

    • A slider to speed up or slow down the job. The speed is represented by a percentage, with 100% being the normal speed.

  6. Send Manual G-Code commands.
    • Send Manual G-Code commands.

    • Important information outputted from the WorkBee will be displayed here.

  7. Makes the G-Code Viewer Fullscreen. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
    • Makes the G-Code Viewer Fullscreen.

    • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

    • Mouse Left-click to Orbit.

    • Ctrl + Mouse Left-click to Pan.

    • The grid shows the machines working area.

    • The X, Y, and Z-Axis markers show where the selected Work Zero is located in the machines working area.

    • Current position in Work Coordinates.

    • Software emergency stop.

  8. Loads the current Job.
    • Loads the current Job.

    • In this mode it will only display progress thus far.

    • Loads a local file from your computer.

    • If a job is running. Load the same job locally, and it will display the whole job, and you can view the cursors current position within that job.

    • But it will not indicate progress.

    • This will elongate the spaces between passes. It can make files much easier to view.

  9. This is where all the Jobs are stored.
    • This is where all the Jobs are stored.

    • Clicking on a Job will run the Job.

    • Right clicking on a Job will also allow the file to be run, and in addition: Simulate, Download, Edit, Rename, and Delete.

    • Create a sub-folder

    • Upload a job to the current folder

    • The Macros page is similar the Jobs page.

    • Macros are different to jobs in that they are a sequence of commands which are regularly run.

    • For example a macro could be created that would move the head to the machine center instead of typing manual commands each time.

  10. This contains all the System files.
    • This contains all the System files.

    • Anything with 'config' in the name is run at startup.

    • We advise putting any custom settings in 'config-user-settings.g'

    • homeall.g, homex.g, homey.g, and homez.g contain the commands that are executed when the homing buttons are pressed.

    • workzero.g contains the commands that are executed when 'Go To Work Zero' is pressed.

  11. Change Theme Colour
    • Change Theme Colour

    • Autoclose Notifications

    • Manage plugins packaged within WorkBee Control.

    • Congifure Webcam. See Duet's Dozuki.

  12. Change machine working area (No restart required)

Thanks for following the guide. As mentioned this was just a brief outline of using WorkBee Control. Please visit our YouTube channel for more in-depth tutorials on operating a CNC Machine. Even though some of the videos on our YouTube channel use an older version of the WorkBee the concepts still apply!

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Ryan Lock

Member since: 04/11/2018

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One question I have is about the way the web controller screen setup is controlled. In my PC (with 1920 x 1080 monitor) I get the version with 5 manual move control buttons per axis per direction. On my phone (also with 1920 x 1080 screen) I get the version with only 3 move control buttons per axis per direction. I want to buy a tablet to use with the router but want to be sure that I will get the version of the interface I get on the PC. What do I need to specify as regards the tablet in order for this to happen? Thanks.

Colin Mill - Reply

Hi Colin, Thanks for your email. On your phone, are you on the Mobile version or Desktop Version. There should be a button to switch between the two?

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

Sorry not to get back to you sooner. Can you please let me know where this button is located as I have been over the interface on both my PC and my phone and especially the settings tabs and cant find it. Cheers.

Colin Mill - Reply

Sorry i think i was incorrect in my previous message, the version you see if based on screen size and there is no button to switch.

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

Many thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if I’m going to get 4 or 5 jogging buttons if I get either a 7 inch or 10 inch android tablet. Cheers

Colin Mill - Reply

It is based on pixels, do you know what pixel sizes each is going to be?

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

Firstly thanks for your informative docs & youtube videos :)

I am setting up a workbee screwdrive 500x500, Duet2 board (1.02+), Duet2 Wifi (V2.03), Duet Wifi Server (V1.23), Workbee control V1.0.1.

In the ‘congig.g’ file it tells me not to modify it and to rather paste any settings in ‘customconfig.g’.

So my problem is that trying to change the Z axis motor direction by updating (from) M569 P2 S0 > (to) M569 P2 S1 does NOT work.

Firstly I tried customconfig.g, then config.g and finally also added config.g.bak. None of them made any difference,.

Now here is my question:

(1) Is the correct procedure for modification of config.g to ONLY update customconfig.g?

(2) Is there a special “save” routine or SD Card update required for the Duet2 board?

(3) Is there an explanation why changing all the config.g files above with the new S0/1 setting has no affect?

Thanks in advance for any help or further comment.



EdV - Reply


Thanks for your message. Putting the command in M569 P2 S1 should work. After saving, please press the emergency stop button to restart the controller.

In config.g it should definitely work, i think it is because the controller needs restarting.

Best Regards

Ryan Lock

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

Many Thanks. Yes that fixed it :)

I have another one for you if I may?

On the Dashboard I had the field with the SEND button so I can send G & M codes to the workbee.

I don’t know what I did, but this field has suddenly disappeared! I can find it in the ‘Console’ Window but I find it much handier in the Dashboard.

Do you know how I can get it back to the dashboard?



EdV - Reply

Hi Ed,

That is strange it has disappeared. I can’t think why it would do that. Can you email a screenshot to

Best Regards

Ryan Lock

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

I have figured this out (in case others ask you).

The problem relates to user local screen resolution. I must have pressed something on my keyboard that altered the display resolution.

Subtle, but when I tried CNTRL +/- (in my case -) the screen adjusted and I saw the button return :)

If you wan to simulate open your workbee control. Make sure you can see the “Send Code” field.

Now press CNTRL+ twice (ie 120% of normal resolution). See the “Send Code” field disapear!

Now press CTRL- twice (ie 100% normal resolution) and presto you can see your field again.

Hope it helps.



EdV - Reply

Hi Ed, Thanks for clearing that up, should help others! Ryan

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

I would like to add a 5” PanelDue to my system.

Are there any plans to update the WorkBee Control to also be available on the PanelDue (for stand alone mode)?

If so any timelines available yet?



EdV - Reply

Hi Ed, Thanks for your comment. I am afraid there is no plans to put WorkBee Control on the PanelDue, as the PanelDue, runs a completely different software from the Web Control. An easier way would be to have a Raspberry Pi connected to the machine, and have a small touch screen connected to this pi, running the web control. Ryan

Ryan Lock -

Hello Ryan,

I have an original Workbee 1000 x 1500mm Belt & Screw Drive.

I have just prepared my work surface, which should be 680 x 1150, except after machining, the dimensions are not correct (678 x 1146).

What should I change to get the right dimensions after machining?

Thanks in advance



Seb - Reply

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for your comment. You need to adjust your steps per mm. Did you want to email into with your system settings and i can make the adjustment for you? We don’t have a guide on it i am afraid.

Best Regards

Ryan Lock

Ryan Lock -

Hello Ryan,

What files or information do you need?

thank you so much


Seb - Reply

Hi, config.g and customconfig.g, if you can email we can sort it out there. Best Regards Ryan Lock

Ryan Lock -

Hi Ryan,

I'll send it to you as soon as possible



Seb -

Hi Ryan and happy new year to you…

is there a tutorial on how to us “height map” ?

Keith Reavill - Reply

Hi Keith,

We don’t have a guide on doing it, however Duet have a guide on using it here:

Best Regards


Robert -

Hi Ryan…after using the emergency stop the parameter of X has changed and even though it says on the bar 550 it doesn’t travel that far …how do I get my full parameters back ?

Keith Reavill - Reply

I’ve just noticed it’s the Y axis as well ?

Keith Reavill - Reply

Hi, Keith are you able to contact us here and we can help! -

Ryan Christy -

Hi Ryan,

step 4 - job control has a typo in the sentence below

Use this button to resume a job offer a controlled power off.

should say ‘after’ not ‘offer’

otherwise useful initial guide to the contour panel

serge agius - Reply

Thanks for the feedback, I have made the adjustment!

Ryan Christy -


Is it possible to run the Workbee control from a tablet or android phone? - Reply

Of course! The WorkBee Control is browser-based so if you have the Wifi Version connect your device to the same network and search for the IP Address that your WorkBee is assigned to.

Ryan Christy -

Hi I have just built my workbee and at the moment have no idea about all this g-code for the duet or even how to load up the ooznest custom control panel. So far all I have done is manage to home XYZ using the duet web control. Any links for a NOOB

Terry - Reply

Hi Terry, All the information you require can be found on the Learning Portal if you are stuck on a specific step feel free to get in contact with the team here -

Ryan Christy -

hi ryan

could you please let me know where i can find a file too download the workbee control panel

many thanks bryan

bryan robbins - Reply

Hi Bryan, Thanks for your message, Please see this link on how to update to the latest WorkBee Control - How To Update WorkBee Firmware

Ryan Christy -

How do I get access to Workbee control ie download or web address. I would rather use this than the duet web controller

Terry - Reply

I have fitted the xyz probe and tried to test the z probe macro. The duet controller gives an error that command G38.2 does not exist?

Terry - Reply

Hi Terry, It sounds like you may not have updated the WorkBee Control on your machine.

Are you able to email into Technical Support and we can look at what is causing your issues with the Touch Probe -

Ryan Christy -

The reset motors calibration confirmation popup rather asks you to reset the probe. Confirming does reset the calibration though.

Andy Ofori - Reply

Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. We will get this fixed. Robert

Robert -

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