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Mechanical Assembly

You should have received a printed mechanical assembly manual with your WorkBee CNC Machine. Please follow that to complete mechanical assembly.

If you have a 1000x1500mm belt and screw, both the belt assembly manual and screw assembly manuals will need to be used. Please follow this guide to know which sections and the order to follow them:

Electronic versions of the manuals can be found below:

Once you have completed the above please complete the below manuals if they apply to you.

Electronics Assembly

By default the WorkBee comes with the Duet controller, unless specifically chosen otherwise. Please follow the steps below to complete the Electronic Assembly.

*If you have a WorkBee with a CNC xPro please go to his page to find out how to assemble it. CNC xPro Assembly

  1. Assemble Drag Chains
  2. Assemble Power Supply
  3. Limit Switch Assembly & Mounting
  4. Wire Routing
  5. Assemble The Duet & Final Wiring

Connecting & Commissioning

  1. Get Connected Via USB Windows or Mac OSX
  2. Setting up Network Connection WiFi, Access Point or Ethernet to PC
  3. Connecting, Updating and Configuring Your WorkBee
  4. Testing The WorkBee


Congratulations! Assembly of your WorkBee CNC Machine is now complete.

Go here to view additional information about the WorkBee and Guides on how to use it: WorkBee CNC Machine

Our YouTube channel is packed full of useful Tutorials on using the WorkBee CNC Machine. We highly recommend subscribing to it to stay up to date with the latest content: Ooznest YouTube Channel

We hope you enjoyed building the machine and cannot wait to see what you make with it.

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